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Elisabeth Müller

Elisabeth Müller


Elisabeth Müller is fascinated by discovering the unknown with the accordion. Since the age of 14, she has been premiering new works and has become a specialist in contemporary music, whose boundaries she also explores through improvisation and performance art. But the appeal of the unexpected took her further into eras rarely touched upon by the accordion, such as the Renaissance and the early Baroque. She won five first federal prizes at Jugend musiziert, was broadcast live on the radio by Deutschlandradio Kultur as a teenager and played at festivals such as MehrLicht!Musik Berlin and Winterwerft Frankfurt a. M., the Darmstädter Ferienkurse and Impuls Graz. She also received special awards from the German Music Life Foundation and the German Music Publishers Association as well as an excellence scholarship from the MUK Vienna and was honoured as Ö1-Talent in February 2024. She is a scholarship holder of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes and the “Yehudi Menuhin Live Music Now e.V.” association and plays concerts for people who would otherwise have no access to music. She is a member of the Berlin ensemble “Unruhe” for new music and led a seminar on improvisation at the European Forum Alpbach in 2023. She also studied with Prof. Stefan Hussong, Prof. Mie Miki, Prof. Elsbeth Moser, Prof. Geir Draugsvoll, Prof. Vincent Lhermet, Prof. Marie-Andrée Joerger, Prof. Na Song, Prof. Andreas Borregaard and Prof. Janne Rättya. Currenty she studies with Prof. Grzegorz Stopa at MUK Vienna.

Elisabeth Müller


© Florian Mahr

Duo Klangschatten early and contemporary music

© Edith van den Elzen

Kollektiv bemoll performance art

© Jean Beers

Duo Vineta improvisation and early music

© Norbert Frank

Kollektiv Unruhe contemporary music




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