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DUO Klangschatten

Sophia Schamckbeck: recorder(s)

Elisabeth Müller: accordion

“Non Tacent!”
In the program “Non tacent!”, only female composers step out of the shadows of music history into which commandments such as “mulier tacet in ecclesia” have forced them. But across the centuries, women have managed, against all odds, to pursue their urge to express themselves musically. With original works, our own transcriptions and improvisation, we move into this area of color shades, which opens up a fascinating world of unknown musical treasures.


Kollektiv bemoll

Benedikt Müller

Elisabeth Müller

Performance "Red Rose"
Starting with Vedran Smailović – “the cellist from Sarajevo” – “Red Rose” begins a search for remembering another tomorrow.
The combination of drama and music creates a performance about the longest siege in modern history - with music, physical theater and dance, the siblings Elisabeth and Benedikt Müller dedicate themselves to a topic whose tragedy and gravity rarely finds space in current discourses.
More than 30 years ago, on April 5, 1992, the longest siege in modern history began: over 1,425 days, Sarajevo was reduced to ruins.
When crossing a street becomes a journey you don't know if you'll survive, where is the humanity?
Director: Lucas Tanajura
Performance, music and conception: Elisabeth and Benedikt Müller
Lights: Dario Vandelli and Bobby Packham
Realisation: antagonist theater ACTION

Performance Red Rose

Duo Vineta

Lisanne Altrov: violin and baroque violin

Elisabeth Müller: accordion

Gaining something new from tradition – according to this motto, Lisanne Altrov and Elisabeth Müller improvise together. They combine echoes of folk music with the art of fugato playing and work with the alienation and embedding of these models in contemporary music.
In addition, early baroque continuo bass sonatas form a focus of their collaboration. The combination of modern instruments with the practice of generic bass playing offers unexpected timbres and an enormous expansion of the repertoire with the accordion.

Duo Vineta

Kollektiv Unruhe

Collective unrest
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